This Hobart SEO and IM Expert is the one who spread the word about Thai UFA Betting in Australia


Gayle Rosborough from Hobart, Australia, started her eBay career buying and reselling tubs of auction merchandise bought off post offices. She shut down her eBay business only after 3 years but continued to do her research in the field of SEO and Internet Marketing and today she is one of the most popular Internet Marketing and SEO expert in her city.

Gayle was the first one to expose the online gambling sign up bonus programmes. She also was among the first ones to popularize Thai UFABet in Australia.

Gayle is very outspoken on her SEO blog. She writes that is a baseless claim that naming files with either all lower cases or upper cases is only perfect; It makes no difference whether you use all upper cases, all lower cases, half upper and half lower cases.

Gayle writes that designing your site plain, ugly and simple just for making it search-engine friendly is one of the dumbest things that a company or individual do, especially when they have the budget and expertise to make an advanced and great looking website. She adds that the strategy of keeping it simple, plain and ugly is only meant for the rookies, those who build websites just for the sake of ranking it or the ones who don’t have the budget to build a better website.

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