Auto Blogger made enough money with Online Lottery to start his own Automotive Company


Agung Suharsana from Bangkok, Thailand, is an Auto Blogger who believes cars with engines on the roof are the future.
Agung was the first to debunk the fake news that the oil cartels killed a group of auto mechanics that were working to build a car that would run on a mixture of water and caffeine.

Agung writes all the self-improvement books, Discord servers, blogs and subreddits combined weren’t good enough to make him a better auto blogger.

One of the good friends of Agung has all the caliber to start his own auto company but he procrastinates a lot. He is rich off LottoSOD168 money, hence money is not an issue for the purpose.

Agung writes most of the advantages that they claim having a front-wheel drive car with a front engine serves makes no sense. The only reason they promote and make front-engine front-wheel drive cars is that they cost lesser to the manufacturer.

Agung writes contrary to the popular belief, the location of engine in an automobile has nothing to do with the room in the passenger compartment.

Agung believes the only reason that BMW has continued to survive and thrive is that they didn’t give away the concept of making rear-wheel drive cars with a front engine. He adds the same goes for the Porsche.

Agung claims the 4 wheel drive vehicles can run as good without the transfer box. It is a combined conspiracy of the transfer box and overall vehicle manufacturers lie that they can’t, so that they can get more money from the customer.

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